Addicted and Expecting

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addicted in parenthoodExpecting a baby is a joyous time in life, but for soon-to-be parents who are struggling with addiction, the joy is not as great. Some couples who are expecting a baby are experiencing the devastation of addiction in the form of one person abusing a substance or an activity, or both people abusing a substance or activity. Either way, dysfunction is inevitable. Fights break out, health declines, behavior is erratic and priorities are mismanaged. In a time that is supposed to be focused on preparing to bring a person into the world, stress and chaos prevent the happy preparation that is supposed to take place.

Any kind of addiction is possible when expecting a baby. It would be ideal if no expecting parent was involved in any kind of addictive behavior, but it happens quite frequently. Addiction in parents can range from alcoholism, drug abuse, sex addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction and many more. Obviously, if it is the expecting mother that is struggling with addiction, the risk to the baby is greater, especially if it is a substance abuse problem. It is very urgent to bring help into this situation when it is occurring. Expecting mothers pass their substance abuse problem to their baby, making the baby born dependent on the substance and often with birth defects. If it is the expecting father who is addicted, the risk is still high for the entire family as the lifestyle of an addict affects everyone they are close to.

When both people in the relationship are addicts, the situation only becomes more volatile. The likelihood of erratic, even violent behavior is increased, putting everyone, including the baby, in danger. Two addicted expecting parents will behave very irresponsibly, not making necessary preparations for the baby’s arrival, not being as concerned for the baby’s health as they should be and generally more focused on their addiction than on how their lives are about to change. If you or anyone you know is addicted and expecting a baby, refer them to a local addiction treatment center right away.

End Addiction Before Becoming a Parent

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beat addiction before parentingThere are a large number of parents in North America who are parenting while being addicted. This is a precarious situation for everyone involved, no one more so than the innocent child. Children of addicts will statistically grow up with a far greater chance of having their own addictive or mental disorders than children who did not have addicted parents. Rather then set an innocent child on a path of destruction, take the time to end addiction before parenting is even considered, or at least when the knowledge of the pregnancy is discovered.


The harm done to children who grow up with addicted parents can be irreparable. Children of addicts naturally feel insecure and unsafe because they can sense the irresponsibility and erratic ways of their parent. Addicted parents are often largely absent, leaving the child’s needs unmet. Because this psychological damage begins at birth, eradicating it can require very intensive, extended treatment. A thorough drug abuse treatment programs takes 90-days on average, and has an enormous success rate for those who choose a quality treatment program and care to change. For expecting parents, the desire to recover from addiction should be very urgent. Do not jeopardize your child’s lifelong mental health by doing nothing about your addiction.


If you are already a parent, it is not too late to receive help. The sooner you receive the addiction treatment you need, the sooner your family will be protected from its negative effects. There are addiction treatment counselors and mental health professionals who specialize in treating parents who are addicted. There are even options to receive family counseling together to tighten the family unit and help it recover as one. Children’s brains are very absorptive and malleable. Treating the problem early on can make all the difference. If you or someone you care about is parenting while being addicted, now is the time to reach out for help before it is too late.


Beating Addiction Before Parenthood

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end addiction before parentingAnticipating an infant is a very exciting time in a person’s life, however for someone who is affected by addiction or planning to co-parent with a person who is affected with addiction, the happiness is interrupted. Addiction is a large problem for those who have no plans of parenting, but for soon-to-be moms and dads, it is devastating. In an ideal world, being a parent would certainly be inspiration enough for anyone to recover from their addiction, however this is not the case. Lots of infants are birthed to parents who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, food, gambling, tobacco and more, and are deeply affected by their mom’s and dad’s choices.

When either parent is still submersed in dependency after the youngster is born, the child is being subjected to a harmful atmosphere. Dependency is a type of disease that calls for therapy, and allowing it go uncontrolled while elevating a youngster is extremely careless. Sadly, it is not uncommon. One in 5 kids is raised by an addicted parent for some amount of time. This does not imply that the home will be completely useless. There are numerous abusers who raise extremely practical youngsters, nevertheless, this location of the family members’s life will always be troublesome unless the issue is addressed.

Among one of the most awful types of addiction in parents-to-be is a material addicted mommy that is abusing elements while expectant. This practically unavoidably induces issues for the coming baby, either in the kind of abnormality, health and wellness issues or a dependancy on the compound being utilized. This kind of addiction in a parent-to-be is one of the most harmful to a coming fetus, but it is not the just one that positions a risk to the youngster.

The most effective point an addicted parent-to-be can do is to introduce their dependency in control before the infant is born. When it come to a drug abuse mother-to-be, an intervention must be held immediately for the fetus’s health and wellness. Bringing a child into an addicted home is a choice that a moms and dad will certainly regret for the remainder of their lives. Kids of addicted moms and dads are much more most likely to become addicted themselves since of the psychological exposure to dependency as a lifestyle. If you are addicted and expecting a baby, please do not think twice about connecting with one of many private treatment centers to learn about the therapy choices that are available to you.

How Parental Addiction Affects Young Children

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addicted parents affect childrenNo one suffers worse from addiction than the children of addicts. While addicts are not necessarily to blame for their addiction, they are responsible for their child’s well-being, and some parents do not end their addiction in time to save their child from the pain of being exposed to it.

The child of an addict will often appear withdrawn in school and around their peers. Depression is a very common effect of addiction on children, and depression at such a young age can result in severe antisocial behavior.

Studies have also shown that children of addicts tend to not feel safe. Their parent’s erratic, disfunctional behavior creates feelings of fear and anxiety within them because they do not feel like they can count on their protector and provider for security.

The most well known effect of a parent’s addiction on their child is to pass their addictive tendencies along to their child, usually at an earlier age than most encounter addictive behaviors and substances. A substance abuse problem is the most common addiction that a parent will impress on their child. Often, even when the child is still young, they will sample some of the substance that their parent is addicted to, either because the parent offered it or because the child is simply curious. This lays the foundation to continue experimenting with the substance, and because of their parent’s example, overuse it. A majority of substance abuse cases involve family members who also abused substances.

Interestingly and sadly, even parental addictions like sex often still affect the child, despite the fact that it happens behind closed doors. Studies show that children pick up on their parent’s sex life based on their behavior toward one another and how they interact. Parents with a healthy sex life usually result in children with a healthy sex life, while parents with a dysfunctional or addicted sex life often pass these characteristics off onto their children.

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