One of the major reasons why children get addicted is because of their parents. Typically, when a child sees that his or her parents abuse substances or indulge in any form of behavioral addiction, they are likely to follow suit. Parents have a pivotal role to play concerning the addiction process, particularly when their children are involved.  

Commonly, drugs and alcohol are substances that children get addicted to because of their parents. And the sad part is, starting off at this early stage would lead to a life riddled with addiction.

One of the highlights of parental addiction is the absence of love and concern for their children. Addicted parents barely have time to care for their children because addiction is in play. They have placed their addictive habits on a high pedestal and this is why they would focus on that first, before anything else.

These parents would be less involved in the lifestyle of their children. So, as they grow up, they pay reduced concern to what they do. This is why the children would secretly begin to indulge in abuse that would eventually end up in addiction.

Parents need to pay more attention to what their children do. Knowing fully well, that their addictive habits is nothing to write home about, it is necessary to prevent their children from making the same mistakes they made.

For instance, if a child spends much hours on the internet surfing the web and social media, the parents should be watchful so that it does not evolve into something worse. There are some children who take the internet as their world and this is because their parents are not involved.

So, to wrap it up, it is important that parents lay a good model for their children to follow. If you do not want your children to be addicted, then you should avoid doing this that can contribute to their addiction. Parents who are addicted should also seek addiction treatment so that they can have a clean bill of health.