beat addiction before parentingThere are a large number of parents in North America who are parenting while being addicted. This is a precarious situation for everyone involved, no one more so than the innocent child. Children of addicts will statistically grow up with a far greater chance of having their own addictive or mental disorders than children who did not have addicted parents. Rather then set an innocent child on a path of destruction, take the time to end addiction before parenting is even considered, or at least when the knowledge of the pregnancy is discovered.


The harm done to children who grow up with addicted parents can be irreparable. Children of addicts naturally feel insecure and unsafe because they can sense the irresponsibility and erratic ways of their parent. Addicted parents are often largely absent, leaving the child’s needs unmet. Because this psychological damage begins at birth, eradicating it can require very intensive, extended treatment. A thorough drug abuse treatment programs takes 90-days on average, and has an enormous success rate for those who choose a quality treatment program and care to change. For expecting parents, the desire to recover from addiction should be very urgent. Do not jeopardize your child’s lifelong mental health by doing nothing about your addiction.


If you are already a parent, it is not too late to receive help. The sooner you receive the addiction treatment you need, the sooner your family will be protected from its negative effects. There are addiction treatment counselors and mental health professionals who specialize in treating parents who are addicted. There are even options to receive family counseling together to tighten the family unit and help it recover as one. Children’s brains are very absorptive and malleable. Treating the problem early on can make all the difference. If you or someone you care about is parenting while being addicted, now is the time to reach out for help before it is too late.